Sunday, April 18, 2010

Neighbourhood Electric Vehicle Stories, Blogs and Websites - Archiving Post!

Here are all the Low Speed Vehicle/Neighbourhood Electric Vehicle links that I had in my sidebar. As of this post they are all still good and some of them very active with news. They are listed with the more active ones first down to the older stories. Keep in mind that the ZENN is no longer available. They ceased production this spring. At least the Nemo is still being manufactured in Quebec!

Revenge of the Electric Car - the sequel

Who Killed The Electric Car - official website

AutoblogGreen - automotive - series of blogs following the ZENN from the beginning

Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association

Green Car Congress - "Group Petitions for New US Vehicle Category: Medium Speed Electric Vehicles"

Houston Electric Cars - Proposed New Laws in Texas to Encourage Use of NEVs

UPS buys its first EV fleet (ZAP)

Peninsula Daily News: "Jefferson County Electrifies Travel With No-Gasoline Car" (ZENN)

Aaron Landry - "ZENN Test Drive" - Minneapolis, Minnesota

ZENN Microcar wins Michelin Challenge Bibendum gold medal in the Urban Vehicle category (2006)

Newsweek Special Report: "In the Slow Lane" (ZENN)

Runesmith's Canadian Content - Milton, Ontario

Silver Donald on Sunday - Halifax, Nova Scotia

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